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Leisure Marks is made up of a panel of destination experts who scour the local destinations, collecting the tiny details that create a special bond between the traveler and the destination. Our team gives an insight into the local culture, attractions and the many things to do.

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Leisure Marks works towards being there for our customers and providing them with the best of Sri Lanka

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We have lived and breathed Sri Lanka, so our expertise about this heaven island is unmatched. We delve deep and get to the heart of the details before providing you with accurate information.

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Our committed team is made up of travel consultants; destination experts and a support team that replies to our customers’ inquiries in a short time span.

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When it comes to tours and holidays, we are the black sheep among all the whites. In simple, we are unique and create tours that allow you to get to the heart of the many attractions in Sri Lanka. With bespoke tour plans and guides that eventually become travel buddies, Leisure Marks will touch your heart with its unique spin.

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Our seamless online booking system and payment methods make the process pleasant and easy. From the time you book the tour till the end of it, we handle everything with care.

Things to Do

We have a huge selection of tours and activities to do throughout the many cities of Sri Lanka. From admiring the frescoes in Sigiriya to strolling through the tea plantations in Kandy, we got everything covered.

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Make the best of our complimentary travel guides and essentials that help make your holiday planning much better. The Leisure Marks destination experts scour the streets gathering the tiny nooks and crannies that pack the biggest punch.

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We provide the most accurate information about city’s attractions, theme parks, malls, public transportation, events locations, operating times and insight tips that make you to enjoy by yourself rather than ending up with the wrong information which ruins your trip.