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Leisure Marks is the ultimate Sri Lankan tours and holiday booking company with an online presence. We have experienced the places firsthand to provide you with insider information and a much better holiday. Whether you want to experience the brimming history of the country or wish to trek through the many gorgeous mountains, jungles and lush landscapes, planning your itinerary with us will always give you a holiday full of memories. Our destination experts and local guides are skilled and make our tours, activities, holiday packages and outdoor activities special. This might sound easy, but it is like polishing a diamond so that the wearer can enjoy its perfect beauty.

About Leisure Marks Sri Lanka

Our expertise combined with our fervent passion help us in fulfilling, or sometimes exceeding our customers’ requirements. The satisfaction we get when we hear a good review or see a smile on our customers’ face cannot be compared to anything. Even though most of our customers book our tours and holidays on an online platform, we make sure to get to know our customers well before creating a holiday that suits their personality or pick a tour that will be the most enjoyable. Cooperation between the customer and Leisure Marks staff is essential and we take full pleasure in stating that we do it best. Although our process is complex, it is seamlessly handle by our staff. When you book with us, you are leaving the possibility of exploring the wonder of Asia on our hands. The wonder we make will get you wondering how wonderful the wonder of Asia is.

Being a team that strives to create unique tours and holidays that always manage to produce the most fun-filled moments while enjoying all the beauty of the island, we will make you believe that  Sri Lanka is definitely the ‘Wonder of Asia’.

To achieve and maintain the position of being the leading tourism company in Sri Lanka with high quality, creative and innovative products while also providing competitive and socially responsible services.

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