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Sri Lanka Official Websites

Sri Lanka Official Websites

Browse through these Sri Lanka Official Websites to kill some time when you are chilling in your hotel room.

1. Online Visa Application

Applying for a visa to Sri Lanka is made easy through this Sri Lanka Official Websites. Visitors can choose from languages like Arabic, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, etc. This website is run by the Sri Lankan Authority of Immigration and Emigration. Visitors can apply for a visa through the website and also make a secure payment for obtaining the visa

2. Sri Lanka Railway

When you visit this page you will be greeted with an electronic form asking you your travel start and end locations along with the time. Once you enter the required details you will be directed to a page showing you the scheduled trains that suit your preference.

This website is a good place to check out the different services offered by the Sri Lankan Railway. You can even estimate the transport cost of a parcel you have that needs to be delivered. Reservations can also be made through this site.

3. Government of Sri Lanka

This website will take you to the official web portal of the Sri Lankan Government. You can choose your preferred language from Sinhala, Tamil or English.  Visitors of the site can even download the mobile app and take a look at all the government run organizations in every sector.

4. Sri Lanka News – Official Government News Portal

The website displays text in English, but visitors can opt for Sinhala or Tamil. This is the best way to keep you updated with latest happenings in the island. News is displayed with the happening date on top in a red box making it easy for readers to know how hot the news is.

5.  Sri Lanka Police

The official police site is updated with any news related to the Sri Lankan Police and has photos in the image gallery of any police functions.

6. Official website of Sri Lanka’s President

Visit this site to read about any recent happenings related to the President of Sri Lanka. You can read about the President, Government, Cabinet, National Programmes, etc.

7. Sri Lanka Cricket

This website will give you information about the ongoing cricket happenings, international, local and school level. If you have always been a fan of Sri Lankan cricket then this site will excite you.



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